Friday, January 8, 2010

Hunter is my co-pilot

AriAnna loading R2D2 into the Millinium Falcon. The truck drove great and God blessed us with minimal snow and traffic.

Went back to help Ryan and AriAnna move to Spokane for a new and exciting chapter in their life. Hunter wanted to ride with grandpa and what a great travel buddy he was. He read the map and pointed out the trains, trucks, cows, back hoes, excavators, trains, deer, trains, cars, christmas lights, trains, etc. and I did the driving.


Jeff said...

Uncle Keith,
We enjoyed looking at your pics on your blog site. Hunter is a cutie! Abby says" I hope we get to see each other soon." Nate says, "We miss you." Lily says, "oooooh." Carl is busy doing a puzzle and will not be disturbed but he says hi.

Lots of Love,

Ari Anna Johnson said...

Hey who is that super cute kid? I think I will claim him!!!