Friday, January 8, 2010

Cute College Coed

Well I've always dreamed of being married to a cute college Coed. And well "I am". Most of MarLa's girl friends think she is under 35!
When I've climbed Mt. Rainier you feel success when you can look down on Mt. Tahoma the peak on the east side of the Mts. Profile. Then you look up and realize the summit is in view and a reality with a little more hard work. MarLa's got her 2year degree and is a Junior at the University of Washington and heading for the peak. Go Dawgs...Go Cute College Coed...Go MarLa.


Ari Anna Johnson said...

Go you good looking college co-ed! I am proud you are my momma

cougarwoman said...

Keith, I am so happy for you and Marla, that you both so obviously love and support one another in your dreams.