Saturday, October 24, 2009

One old Dawg has learned a new trick

Okay so Ari Anna says,
" Dad you need to be a blogger. You'd be great at it!"
And so I began the journey of Blogging. I tried Face Book but I do not like the format. I figure if folks are interested about what I'm up to I should provide a smaller group of people better quality material. And to be honest the Farm and Mafia type activities throw my mind into disconsolation. I saw on a news article that about 40% of those on face book spend more awake time on viritual reality life than actuality interacting in real life. And for a man born in the 50's that is a sad commentary on our society. So I venture out on this new avenue of communication with the hope that family and friends, who I'd love to see frequently but the all mighty dollar keeps me from seeing, will have a way to view pictures and thoughts from Dad, Brother, Uncle, and Friend Keith. So I hope you enjoy. I have a new cell phone that takes good pictures and AriAnna educated me on how to insert them so get ready for some great shots.
I'm thinking I'll try my hand at humor too but I'll leave it up to you if you find it funny or the fruits of a sick mind.