Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jared takes me to the "Battle in Seattle"

Well it finally is starting to happen,
Yep Jared, a.k.a. "Mr. Deep Pockets", bought me a ticket to the Central Washington University vs. Eastern Oregon University game at the Qwest field in Seattle. It was my first time at the field and even with only 5000 in attendance the noise was incredible. I can't imagine 70,000 screaming fans at a Hawks game. We'll Jared got great seats for me, Bridgette, and a friend Ryan at about 12 rows up on the 50 yard line. It was a doozy of a game. We were down 20 to zip at the half and it was looking grim. Well they put in a new QB and needless to say we won 21 to 20 with their field goal kicker missing a 49 yarder with about 4 seconds left. Like I said the noise was amazing and the field was beautiful. A great game and a great time with Jared.


The Fire Dawg Blog said...
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Ari Anna Johnson said...

Ok dad!!! I got on and made it so people could leave comments cuz I tried and it was not letting me! Problem fixed! You can get rid of any pics but I thought I would just play a little! Have fun blogging and I can't wait to read all your funny stories!