Saturday, October 31, 2009

The last few weeks

Here hunter and I are at the train station waiting for "Thomas". Hunter was asking me questions and I was answering to the best of my ability hoping that I knew the difference between a engine, boxcar, bird, plane etc.

I had a chance last Saturday night to spend time with one of my favorite people. I've known Adrianne since she was about six and I home taught her parents. We have stayed in touch over the years and she is like a daughter to me. Here we are at the church building and her husband "Lee" just  got baptized.  I just told her that if Lee dosn't treat her nice all the time I'll hurt him by using my massive body to "fall on him".

Here MarLa is hard at work. I've never seen anybody study as hard as her. And I mean that seriously. In this shot "Fat Cat" has decided that she needs some me time. Meowing didn't work and walking past the computer screen got a frustrated breath so she fell on her belly, which she does often, and pushed against MarLa's arm getting a slight movement of two
fingers which brought emmense satisfaction.

 Swung Hunter by the firestation to see "Big Red".  There probabley be a few more pictures like this over he years.  I feel bad compeating with Daryl, Ryan's Dad.  He shows Hunter his tool belt and electrical wire cutters and fancy wire strippers and I show Hunter the fire engine.  No competition!  Whats that you say?  Hunter wants to be a chiropractor....oh well.


Ari Anna Johnson said...

Aw that was a fun visit! We sure miss you guys!